Friday's, 8:30-11am (June 23–August 25)
AT the McCullum Veranda, Cates Hill (not at Bowen Island Yoga!).
Contact for address
With Emily McCullum


Out in the fresh air on this private veranda, you can enjoy the morning birdsong as you feel your way into movements and poses, recalibrating your body’s responses to stress and old injury. Incorporating breath work and freeing your mind from mundane concerns, you’ll re-align and balance your body and mind. Never holding poses to the point of strain, you’ll learn to listen to your body in a new way and be able to carry that knowledge from your mat into everyday life.

** NOTE that this class is not held at Bowen Island Yoga. It is held on the veranda at Emily McCullum's home on Cates Hill. The address is 750 Cates Hill Road. Please park in the cul de sac, walk down the driveway and take their first left up to the green house. (You will wind up at Twiggleberries Bed and Breakfast if you forget to turn left).